Teacher Appreciation Week


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day on Sunday! I treated myself to this athleisure look because I’m a Mom, and now a teacher again to my two girls, haha! So treat yourself if you are taking on the teacher roll in your household, it’s not easy. 😉

Being a former second grade teacher, I know the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into it. The annoying saying that “teacher’s have the best job because they get summers off”, is so far from the truth. Best job, yes, but summers off, no. My typical day as a teacher was M-F 7:00 am to 4:30 pm at school. That’s not including the amount of hours outside of school we spend on emails to and from parents, and the constant worry that our students didn’t comprehended anything from our lessons that day.

During the summer, teachers are required to spend a certain amount of hours a month in professional development. They work many days with their grade level team, recreating lesson plans and preparing for their new group of students. Yes, I would say I had a 4 week summer vacation, but in my opinion, I deserved it! Your kid’s teacher deserves it!

My heart goes out to every teacher in the world. With COVID and schools closing, our teachers had to completely reset and learn how to teach virtually in a matter of weeks, if not days. They also are writing lesson plans for not only their students, but for the parents too! Then, they have to give a grade on top of all that! If I was still teaching, I would be feeling an immense amount of pressure right now.  Quite frankly, I’d be an anxious wreck. I’m sweating just thinking about it.

Though this homeschooling thing has been difficult for many parents, it’s been just as hard, if not harder for our teachers. Now more than ever, we need to recognize and appreciate our teachers for all their hard work, and for adapting so quickly. Thank you teachers for loving our children and helping us navigate this “new norm!” We would be lost without you!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I’ve curated my top fifteen gifts under $39 for our teachers! Every gift below is under $30, except for one at $39! So parents, let’s pump the breaks on the unnecessary emails to our teachers this week and just shower them with lots of love and appreciation!

*To note, if you are helping a child with this virtual learning world, give yourself a pat on the back, you’re doing a great job!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts
PoshPeel Pedi Cure Intensive Foot Peel Treatment
A TCW favorite, this foot peel treatment WORKS! I mean works! A great DIY pedicure and a great gift for anyone!
Buy Now for $20
Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand & Cuticle Mask
Another TCW Favorite, give them a manicure at home with this warming cuticle treatment!
Buy Now for $10
The Sun Valley Group Light Pink Tulips - 15ct
Send your teacher (or mom) a dozen tulips! Target is doing same day delivery and free pickup too!
Buy Now For $11.99
Colour Republic Dozen White Roses
Or send teacher or mom a dozen roses! Same day delivery and free pick up too! A few colors to choose from as well!
Buy Now For $14.99
PopSockets PopWallet+ (with PopTop)
A PopSocket and a Wallet all in one! Sticks right to the back of your phone!
Buy Now For $24.99
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
With all the virtual learning and teaching, your teacher will love these Blue Light Glasses! Protect their eyes from the harsh light from the computer screen and phone!
Buy Now For $17
Women Stud Bow Flip-Flops
Some Designer Dupe Flip Flops, yes please! I own these and love them. They look just like real deal!
Buy Now For $16
MINO X Floating Bluetooth® Speaker
A floating Bluetooth Speaker! Can use it in the pool or in the bath tub!
Buy Now For $27.93
Tranquility 12lbs Weighted Blanket
A weighted blanket is a TCW Favorite! These blankets are truly awesome, and I highly suggest for every person to have one! Really relaxes you.
Buy Now For $23
The Defined Dish: Whole30 Endorsed, Healthy and Wholesome Weeknight Recipes
One of my favorite food bloggers to follow, The Defined Dish! If your kid's teacher loves to cook, get this cookbook for some clean, delicious recipes!
Buy Now For $17.99
Stainless Steel Canteen
Love these canteens! Every teacher loves a water bottle at her desk!
Buy Now for $39.95
The Heart of a Teacher Gift Book
A very sweet book to show your teacher how wonderful they are!
Buy Now for $6
Olive & June Nail Polish
A great neutral summer nail color. Many colors to choose from too!
Buy Now For $7.99
Olive & June The Poppy Manicure Tool
A great tool for a manicure at home!
Buy Now For $15
Teacher Pencil (English) GiftCard
Teacher's love Gift Cards! Get your teacher a Target Gift Card starting at $5!
Starting at $5

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