Asking Guests to Pitch In – Tailgating at Home

Asking Guests to Pitch In

    Hosting a GameDay Party at home can be just as fun as going to the game itself! With two little children, away games, and life in general, we’ve found it harder to make it to all the TCU games like we used to. These days, I have grown to really love hosting a tailgate watching party from the comfort of my own, air conditioned home! However, if you’re not careful, and plan accordingly, you could be spending a lot more money than you anticipated! Read ahead for a little advice on hosting your next Game Day Watching Party and how to ask your guests to pitch in!


    Typically, when we host a Watching Party, our group usually consists of about 8 – 10 friends, and kids. Alcohol and food can add up quick, and just because you’re having a party, doesn’t mean you have to be responsible paying for everything. This past party, we asked our friends to BYOB (bring your own beer or alcohol) but we provided mixers, snacks and dinner. This type of request changes every party we host depending on what food we decide to cook or order. I always send a text to our friends, letting them know about the party details and any requests I have for them all in one text message. This gives your guests a chance to know exactly what’s expected or requested of them prior to accepting your invitation.  

Sample text:

 “Hey! We are having a GameDay Watching Party on Saturday at 6:30! It’s BYOB and we are providing mixers, snacks and Miller Lite for y’all. If there is anything else you want, or need, please bring it with you! Let me know if you all can make it!”

    Asking your guests ahead of time, tremendously helps you budget accordingly and for your guests to know exactly what’s expected of them the day of the party. When people are invited to parties and the host doesn’t include any requests on what to bring, ie BYOB, it could be implied that the host is providing everything for their guests. So, as a host, when you send your invitation, make sure you state your requests for your party first, before your guests commit to coming. Some requests could be too much for your guests to take on or afford, so letting them know what’s expected before they accept your invitation can save you money and awkward IOU conversations with friends.

    Lastly, as a guest, if your host hasn’t made any requests on what to bring on their initial invite, then instead of assuming, I always ask. Here are some sample texts below…

Sample text to host:

“Sounds fun! Need to check with (fill name here) to see if we can make it work. What’s the food and booze situation? Do we need to bring anything?”


“Sounds great! Let me look at my schedule and let you know later tonight. Is there anything I can bring, cash, food, booze?” 

Waiting to accept an invitation until you receive more information on what’s expected of you, can help you attend your next party prepared and ready to cheer on your team. Comment below if you have any questions on how to handle your guests pitching in!

Take a peak below at our Game Day Watching Party last week and see how I decorated our home and what I wore!  

As you can see, the only decoration piece I bought for our party was 3 purple hydrangeas! Sometimes, just few blooms is all you need for decor at your next party! The Topo Chico was used as a mixer for our Frog Fuel Cocktails. What’s a Frog Fuel Cocktail you ask? Click here to see our favorite drink is for Game Day!


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