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Male Subscriber List

You all know by now that I love gifting and sharing gift ideas on my website & Instagram handle. In addition to my website and Instagram, I’ve created a “Male Subscribers Email List”! I’ve heard from so many of you (myself included), that when it comes time for our man to give us a gift, we either pick the gift out ourselves or we receive something we don’t necessarily love ;)!


If this sounds like you and your guy, then let’s cut out the middle “woman” and get the gifts you really want, delivered right to his inbox! Three times a year, he will receive an email from me, with shop-able links of my top 15-20 gift ideas for you! This will be a very simple and an easy shopping experience for him. With just a little blurb next to each product image, all he will have to do is click and shop!


The Details

*Only Three Emails A Year!

*My Email will be sent out a month in advance before these three Holidays…

 – Valentine’s Day

–  Mother’s Day

–  Christmas

The Gifts

* A variety of gift ideas at all different price points.

* If there is clothing or shoes featured on a Guide, I will leave a little tip on how to find your size.

* The gifts will be items I love, my friends love, and ones I believe you will love too.

* If he wants to see more than the featured gift ideas on this guide, I will have a direct link to my website for him to view even more gift ideas for you!

* See an example of a featured gift idea below


Male Subscribers List

Please Note***  This is completely separate from subscribing to my website and/or following me on Instagram (he won’t have to do either of those things).

Do you have a guy that would benefit from this? If you answered YES, then click the link below and sign him up!

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*Tell him that you subscribed him to my email list, so he knows when to be on the look out for these emails. Even though it says “Male Subscribers List”, by all means, sign yourself up to see the gifts I post!





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