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    I’ve always been a grazer, aka a snacker, and I tend to always reach for the salty treats, even when I’m not hungry! As I’ve grown, and carried my two children, I have learned the importance of living and maintaining a healthier lifestyle by being active and eating smarter. Everything in moderation, but with football season here, I always find it difficult not to over indulge at a tailgate. There is an all you can eat buffet of dips, cookies, chips, donuts, etc., sitting on a table, just begging for me to chow down! When I can bring or offer a healthier option for snacks that can please the crowd, and also satisfy my children, I’m all about it. So, for those of you in search for an easy healthy snack to win over your crowd, or toddler, at your next party, my go-to snack is… POPCORN!

    Not just any popcorn, specifically Live Love Pop’s popcorn! Live Love Pop’s mission reads, “ to bring you the healthiest gourmet popcorn in the world – while also making the world a little bit better than when we found it.” How do they do that? The majority of their flavors are under 35 calories a cup, and to make you feel even better about snacking, they use all natural ingredients. Also, something so cool about Live Love Pop, which I greatly admire and hits close to home with me, is that each flavor of popcorn is linked to a different charity. So, when you buy a bag of popcorn, a portion of the proceeds goes to that specific charity. To eat a healthy snack and to give back to eight wonderful causes, is a win in my book! Also, it makes me feel better about my snacking. Read below to get a breakdown of their 8 delicious flavors!

Each flavor is seriously delicious, and depending on what I am drinking or what I’m craving is the flavor I go for.

Sea Salt – A great GameDay and everyday snack with a cold beer or water!
Lime Fresco – Great with margaritas, Ranch Water, or my go to Cocktail (click here for my cocktail).
Zesty Ranch – Tastes just like Cool Ranch Doritos but better! Also great with a cold beer or any soda!
Honey BBQ – Love this as a snack or a side when we grill burgers at home. A great alternative to BBQ chips and a delicious sweet snack on the go!
Salt & Vinegar – My current favorite and probably my forever favorite. Salt and Vinegar can be an acquired taste, but the vinegar is subtle and not overpowering. I’ve literally thrown out our Salt and Vinegar Chips we had in our pantry because this is so much better in my opinion.
Cinnamon Bun – is a yummy sweet treat, and is best when I have a craving for something salty and sweet. This is my toddler’s favorite flavor at the moment and she always asks for the “pink bag snack!”
Cheddar & Sour Cream – A cheesy delight! I love to have this as a snack with a glass of wine or soda!
Truffle Salt – Delicious and the truffle is very subtle. I’m usually not a big truffle fan because sometimes truffles can be very overpowering, but not this one!

    You cannot go wrong with any flavor of popcorn and I will be serving this at all of our tailgate parties! You can find Live Love Pop at many grocery stores all across the states! If you want to learn more about this amazing product, go to their website by clicking here, and do your body and the world some good by snacking healthy with Live Love Pop!


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