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Only two weeks into the New Year, and I find myself on a huge organization kick! When my life and home are organized, I feel a lot more productive and happier too! Did you know that being organized can reduce stress and help you save money? After the Holidays, I found this to be so true. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I let all the junk just pile up in closets, my pantry, and drawers too. I couldn’t find Christmas gifts that I bought, I was constantly scrambling to find my girl’s shoes, the dog’s leash, pinging my phone thirty times a day, and I also bought way more food than we needed. I found that living in unorganized chaos is stressful, stressful for everyone! So for the New Year, I took a little break from posting, and used my time to get myself organized. New Year, fresh start!

Below, I’ve linked lots of affordable home organization finds and storage solutions that can help you get your home in order for the New Year! I’m also sharing some great home organization tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way too! Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!


My Home Organization

Blues & White Storage Solutions

storage solutions

De-clutter and get organized with these fresh blue and white storage finds! There’s something about white, blue, and natural hues that is so clean and pretty! It’s white and bright, yet warm and cozy. I love all these storage solutions and think that the white wardrobe (top right image) is a perfect piece for homes with small closets, a guest room, or even a nursery. I would change the hardware out though :)! Linked below, another wardrobe that I love more, but it a little pricier. Also, the blue credenza at the bottom, is just plain gorgeous. My white credenza in our kitchen, stores our table linens, diapers/wipes, and our china!


Neutral Pantry Organization

pantry organization

There’s something to say about going “au naturel”, even when it comes to your pantry design :)! Love how clean and fresh this color palette feels. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the “designer pantry” look, just sprinkle in some rattan baskets, with some glass food containers, and voila! Organized Pantry Perfection! An affordable alternative to glass jars… use Mason Jars of all sizes to store your food in! This still gives your pantry design that cohesive organized look without spending much money at all!


Pink Pantry Organization

Home Organization

I’d be tickled pink if this was my pantry! I would go heavy on the neutrals and add some small touches of pink. I would start with those glass containers with the pink lids and definitely add the Estelle Colored Champagne Coups and Wine Glasses too. My favorite part, all of these finds are priced so well, I just might have to “think pink”!


Storage Food Containers

Pantry Organization

Over the years, I’ve invested in some OXO Storage Containers. Let me tell you, they aren’t cheap. Which is why I’ve only bought a couple containers at a time. If you are starting from scratch, and want that designer look, then all of these finds is a great place to start! The bottom picture is by far the largest set I’ve ever seen. There are 26 airtight containers, 14 measuring cups, measuring spoons, labels, and a marker for $89.99! Such a steal!


My Favorite Pantry Organization Finds


pantry organization


Wired Baskets & Storage Solutions

Wire Baskets

In my pantry, my sweet potatoes sit in the white stackable wired baskets that is pictured next to the blue and yellow wired baskets! I read a helpful tip somewhere that said that potatoes should never sit next to garlic and/or onions because it can make your potatoes rot faster!


Shelving and Storage Solutions

home organization

Lots of affordable shelving and storage solutions for your home! We have two of these cubby bookshelves in our home. The white, top right storage shelf is in our playroom! We have nylon baskets in each cubby to store all of our kid’s toys. It makes cleaning up so easy and keeps their toys organized! A lot of these storage cabinets, and cubby shelves would be great for an entryway, Mudroom, your garage, pantry, playroom, etc.!


Pioneer Woman’s Great Organizing Tricks & Finds


I’m still cleaning out and organizing cabinets and closets! I dread doing it, but once I finish, I immediately feel accomplished. Next up, my closet, hugggggh (heavy sigh)! I will be adding the Before & After pictures of my closet to this post next week! Stay tuned ;)!




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