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GameDay Bag Prep

    Going to the big game and don’t have your Stadium Approved Bag? Wondering what you will need to pack in your GameDay Stadium Approved Handbag? Read on and shop my favorite stadium approved handbags, accessories and products that are essential for your GameDay! 

The Collegiate Wardrobe's Kelly Wynne Stadium Approved Handbag stuffed with my GameDay essentials

GameDay Bag Prep - The Collegiate Wardrobe koozie, Quay Sungalsses, Deodorant Wipes, with make up necessities


    For me, getting ready for GameDay isn’t just about the outfit and dressing for the current weather conditions, it’s also having a stylish GameDay Stadium Approved Handbag and loading it with all my favorite essentials. This post was inspired by the old “People Style Watch” articles, which highlighted what was in celebrities handbags, and how they are “just like us”. I’m in no way comparing myself to that level (haha) or that anyone cares what I like to pack in my GameDay Stadium Approved Handbag. However, with years of tailgating, I’ve learned some great tips and products that have saved me from many beauty emergencies! 

GameDay Bag Essentials

In the image above you will see my Quay Purple Sunglasses, which are shaped like aviators. It came with a slim sunglass case, which is nice to protect them from other items in my bag. Next is a must for a smaller bag, is a card case to keep my credit cards, ID, and my cash together. I would find a card case to keep your essentials together because I have had more friends lose their ID’s and credit cards on GameDay when they are loose inside their purse.  Also pictured is my purple koozie aka huggy that I always take to GameDay and one that reps The Collegiate Wardrobe of course!

Beauty Products

Hoola Bronzer is my favorite bronzer that I’ve used for years. When you buy the big bronzer, it comes with a travel size too (pictured above) with a little brush, a perfect size for a small bag. The “Good Wipes In My Bag, Swag” are great if you need a little armpit refresher during sweaty hot games. I love this Vaseline Lip Therapy because it has a light pink tint to it and moisturizes really well. I always take along some eyeliner and my go to concealer in case my face needs to be revamped at halftime. Also, my iPhone case is a favorite of mine because of the wrist strap attached to it. I had to use “Gorilla Glue” to attach my Pop Socket because it wouldn’t stick.

Favorite GameDay Stadium Approved Bags

First Choice

Kelly Wynne is a fellow Ole Miss friend, and she is absolutely killing it with all her cute Stadium Approved Handbags for GameDays. With multiple colors and designs to choose from, there are endless options of fashionable versatile bags in all the team colors! She’s also designed many products for inside your bag to help conceal any feminine products or other things we don’t want everyone to see.  You can also create a kit to save you some money, which includes the bag, a card holder/mini wallet, and a privacy bag to fit inside your purse! 

Second Choice

Another option for some Stadium Approved Bags is Gigi New York! They offer fashionable bags as well and some products that can add a little team flare to your bag. 




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