Game Watching Party Decor

    Throwing a Kid Friendly, Game Watching Party can be just as fun as attending the game itself! If you want to bring the team spirit to your Game Watching Party, you will need great decor and some of my favorite party essentials to keep the kids and your guests entertained! 

TCU Game Day Outfit

Game Day Watching Party Kid Friendly Game Day Watching Party

Purple Beads and Inflatable Football

    Two weekends ago, Keith and I went kidless to the TCU – UT football game in Fort Worth. Every now and then, it’s nice to tailgate like we used to (sans kids) and enjoy a football game without our heads on a swivel. TCU won and all the excitement from the victory encouraged us to throw a kid friendly, Game Watching Party for the upcoming game against OSU!  

Tailgating Decor
TCU vs TX Tailgate – The Boys repping my purple TCW koozies! Shop on Shindigz to create your custom can coolers!

Shindigz Party Supplies

    Preplanning for our Game Watching Party, I decided to go heavy on the decor and I knew just where to turn. My go-to website for all my party needs is Shindigz! Shindigz Party Supplies offers an endless amount of decor, personalized products, and all the themed party supplies you could ever imagine! I went to their site, found “Spirit Line” in the menu bar, and was amazed by all the products I got to choose from. 

Game Day Watching Party Decor

    I wanted to order football themed items and spirit accessories that would help entertain our kids through the game’s entirety. Luckily, we had a beautiful day in Dallas, so I focused on decorating our patio and served most of the food and drinks outside. *Party tip: If you want to keep your guests in a designated area at your party, decorate the specific space and serve all your food and drinks there too. 

Inflatable Coolers

Game Day Watching Party Decorations

    At every tailgate, you need a cooler, and one that is filled with ice cold beer is even better! I never enjoyed lugging a cooler back and forth from the car to the tailgate because it’s always a hassle. Lately, I have enjoyed using inflatable coolers at our tailgate because of how easy it is to transport. Shindigz, once again, provided me with many festive inflatable coolers to choose from! I went with this awesome inflatable Goal Post Cooler because I knew the kids would enjoy playing with it. I also designated this as the “Kids Cooler” because it’s always a good idea to have a separate cooler that’s free of alcohol.

    Another football themed item I chose was this great inflatable football cooler, which I originally planned to fill with adult beverages. However, as I began to decorate, it became our “spirit bucket”, which was filled with purple pom poms, stadium horns, purple clacker necklaces, and purple beaded necklaces.

Game Day Watching Party DecorGame Day Watching Party Decor

Inflatable Goal Post Cooler and Inflatable Football Cooler

Entertaining Kids

Kid Friendly Game Day Watching PartyKid Friendly GameDay Party

    Planning for multiple kids in our home, I wanted to keep them outside playing for as long as possible. Fortunately, we have a great playground set up in our backyard, but I wanted a little more to keep the children entertained for several hours! I’ve realized over the years that bubbles, balloons, balls, and noise makers, are always great options to entertain young children. So on my search for footballs, I found this giant inflatable football with a tee, and it immediately became a hit for everyone. I also ordered a bunch of inflatable footballs ($1.49), and made sure each child had one so we could avoid any potential meltdowns. Lastly, though I was getting some eye rolls from the adults, I provided cow bells, stadium horns, clacker necklaces, and mega-phones for the kids to make as much noise to cheer on TCU!

Kid Friendly Game Day Watching Party Decor Game Day Watching Party Decor

Giant Inflatable Football and Tee

Kid Friendly Game Day Watching Party DecorGame Day Watching Party

Inflatable Football

Game Day Watching Party Game Day Watching Party

Pom Poms and Purple Beads


Game Day Watching PartyThe Collegiate Wardrobe - Game Day Watching Party

Outfit Details

Food & Decorations

Game Day Watching Party Food & DecorThe Collegiate Wardrobe - Food Ideas for Tailgating

Megaphones, Custom Stickers, and Football Field Treat Cups

    Moving towards the food, I decided to serve my favorite healthy popcorn snack! Additionally, by my husband’s request, I made a kid friendly charcuterie board! Thanks to Shindigz again, I ordered some purple megaphones and decided to get creative with them. I placed some paper napkins inside the megaphones and filled it with popcorn! As you can see, I also stuck my personalized stickers on them too (got to rep “The Collegiate Wardrobe)!  Shindigz offers a ton of custom personalized stickers and I find this great for parties or for fun ways to promote your brand. Once the kids were finished with their popcorn, they were all cheering and screaming silly things through their purple megaphones. My toddler didn’t like the napkin touching her popcorn (typical toddler), so she enjoyed her snack out of these little football field cups.

Football Themed Party Supplies

Thank You to Shindigz

    Unfortunately, TCU lost, but the party was a success, all thanks to Shindigz! After hosting many Game Watching Parties at home, I have found that the more decor and spirit fan favors we’ve provided at our parties, the more fun everyone seems to have. Another plus, is now I can use all these decorations again for our future Game Watching Parties or a Tailgate! Whether you are decorating for your Tailgate, hosting a Game Watching Party, or need supplies for an event, Shindigz has you completely covered. With their fast shipping, great prices, and promotional codes, it’s no wonder I always choose Shindigz for all my party needs! 

Game Watching Party

Big Heads

    Lastly, my favorite party supply to order from Shindigz is their Big Heads! Whether you want to be featured on College GameDay, celebrating a Birthday, celebrating a Graduate, decorating for a Bachelorette Party, etc., order a Big Head! My sister and I both ordered Big Heads of our old baby pictures for each others Bachelorette Parties, and everyone had a blast taking pictures with them! Below is a picture of my sister’s Bachelorette Party in 2013 with our Big Heads! 

Big Heads Party Supplies

Below the mantle, you can see I made personalized plates of my sister’s baby pictures (also on Shindigz) and tied them together to add a more personalized touch to the decorations.

*If you want some more creative tips for decorating your next party, send me over an email!

Photo Credit to my father-in-law and my sister!




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  1. I love the Popcorn filled Megaphones with the custom collegiate Wardrobe stickers! Great idea and so cute. Those would make it so much easier to walk around with popcorn, chips, or other snacks while tailgating!

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