Favorite Fall Accessories

Fall Accessories


When it comes to accessorizing, I do enjoy trying the latest trends, but what’s “trending” today, most likely won’t be tomorrow (i.e. the face mask chain). So, when I shop for accessories, I tend to invest in those timeless pieces that will last me a lifetime. Year too year, my favorite fall accessories are always the same. I can’t get enough of  pashminas (or blanket scarves), a pair of statement earrings, and just a great versatile belt.

Today, I am doing a Fall Fashion Crossover with my friend Laurin @thecollarfind! We are sharing our favorite Fall Accessories and where to find them now! Three of Laurin’s favorites are versatile belts (like me), a cute clutch and stacked bracelets. You can go ahead and add clutches and stacked bracelets to my list because those are some of my favorites too! So I guess I have five favorite fall accessories :)!


In my opinion, the more pashminas you have, the better! Pashminas or blanket scarves are by far my favorite Fall accessory. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also can make a plain outfit look mighty chic in seconds. Here are my favorite pashminas right now! Psst… most of them are from Target!

Fall Accessories


Statement Earrings

If there is one accessory I couldn’t live without, it would be big hoop earrings. I really just love big earrings in general, but a great pair of hoops can make any outfit look like “I tried”. Here are some of my favorite statement earrings right now.

favorite fall accessories




The always trending Hermes reversible belt has been a Fall staple of mine. Definitely a splurge worthy piece but it will last you a lifetime. Want the look but don’t want to pay a fortune for it? Well, drumroll please…. I have found a H belt that is only $30! Click here to shop. The silver H, tan belt is my real one, and the gray with the matte gold H is the $30! Pretty crazy right?

Fall Accessories

View my other favorite belts that are trending now!

Belts To Wear With Denim/Pants

Fall Favorite Accessories

Fall Accessories

Belts To Wear With Dresses or Blazers

fall accessories



Stacked Bracelets

Stacking bracelets is a newer trend (for me) that I have really started to love. Lately, my every day accessories are my gold beaded name bracelets, Gresham Maui Bracelets and my Apple Watch! The personalized bracelet trend has really taken off this year and I find myself stacking more each day.

Recently, I was given the most beautiful bracelets from Crown Control Jewelry and I’m in love! The story behind their pieces makes me love them even more! To preface, Jamie, at Crown Control, finds antique and vintage jewelry and she remakes them into modern pieces!

  A little backstory, each piece of Crown Control’s Jewelry is a one-of-a-kind. Jamie, at Crown Control, had a love for antique shopping and found herself drawn to antique jewelry, broaches, medallions, coins, etc. Jaime says she finds “many pieces at small, local, off the beaten path antique shops. When she finds a unique piece, she tries to learn about its history and that inspires the overall aesthetics of the final piece”.  Also, Crown Control now carries  faux arrangements too! To read more about Crown Control, click here.

How beautiful are these bracelets! I’m wearing one Pink/White 1930’s Beads with 24k Leaf and two Pirate Beaded Bracelets.


The Clutch/Small Bag


Here are some other clutches and small handbags I am loving right now!

Some Other Accessories To Try

The wool hat!

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