Don’t Sweat the Sweat!

Sweating Tips


With summer temperatures during most of the fall football season, many of us fear all the embarrassing scenarios that sweating can cause. I’m a veteran of the hot, sticky, sweaty tailgates and have had some horror stories myself. I have learned over the years what not to wear and what products to use that will keep me from a sweaty, smelly disaster.

Even though we all smell and sweat differently, my pre-tailgate beauty routine and product suggestions will help for the majority! So, for all of you that fear the musty smelling deodorant, body odor, pit stains, boob sweat, back sweat, swamp a$$, chafing, etc, don’t sweat the sweat, I got you covered!

Tip #1 Check the Weather and Where Your Seats Are!

  • Check the temperature outside and the heat index! The heat index is what it feels like outside, not the actual temperature. Temperatures are at its highest by mid afternoon.
  • If you are a student with student season tickets, you will most likely be seated in the direct sunlight.
  • If you bought tickets to an away game, you’ll most likely be seated in the higher levels, also in direct sunlight.

Tip #2 Know your Fabrics! 

Always check the fabric details before you buy or wear an outfit! 

If you are ever in question about a top or dress showing sweat, do a splash test, put a little water on the end of your dress or top and see if it’s noticeable.

Worst Fabrics to Wear in the Heat

  • Silk
  • Polyester and Polyester Blend
  • Viscose/Rayon
  • Nylon

Best Fabrics to Wear in the Heat

  • Cotton
  • Linen – though wrinkly
  • Denim

Tip #3  Deodorant or Antiperspirant? What’s the Difference and What to Choose?

  • Deodorants make you smell fresh, masking the odor, where Antiperspirants stop the sweating.
  • If you want a deodorant and antiperspirant in one, then a product like Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant can be a good option for you. 

Tip#4 Go for Unscented!

Did you know, there are a lot of deodorants out there that actually make you smell worse? 

  • Go for the unscented! If you think about it, we are putting a thick layer of white chalky paste over our armpits, which in turn, clogs our pores. If we used a fragrant deodorant and start sweating, then the fragrance mixes with our natural odor, causing us to smell worse in some cases. If you are worried about an unscented deodorant not masking your BO or our deodorant smelling musty, it could be because you aren’t properly taking care of your underarms! 


Follow my armpit routine by clicking here and see what products I use to help you not sweat the sweat at your next tailgate!



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