Don’t Sweat the Sweat – Armpit Routine

My Armpit Routine

    I have recently shifted my armpit game, and I am loving my new routine and the products I am using. Since starting this routine, I haven’t wasted one minute worrying about my sweating or my deodorant not working. The majority of women shave their underarms and don’t think twice about how shaving can affect our natural odor. I’ve used a Venus Gel Razor for years because I’m usually rushing to get ready, and I always go for a quick shave in the shower. When we use soap and shave our underarms, we typically clog our pores by using the wrong soaps, shaving cream, and the gel strips on razors. Even though it seems like we are cleansing properly, all the soaps and shaving actually causes a build-up of bacteria in our armpits. This bacteria creates some competition with our natural odor and deodorants, which often causes our pits to stink. Read ahead to see how you can kill this bacteria!

Step 1 Exfoliating: Get an exfoliating glove and lather it up with unscented, “sensitive soap” and scrub your underarms. This allows your pores to open and will prevent you from having ingrown hairs too. ( Tip* Throw out your exfoliating glove each month!)Then shave after exfoliating! 

Step 2 Wash:  This step you should NOT skip and has really changed my life. After your shave, or exfoliate, use Tea Tree Oil (linked below) Tea Tree Oil Body Wash kills the bacteria instantly! Fun tip: I also use the Tea Tree Oil on my legs when I get razor burn, and on my chest when I get heat rash, soothes it immediately and the redness is gone! It can treat many other things as well, so it’s a great product to have in your cabinet.

Step 3 – Choose your Deodorant/Antiperspirant    

Since using the Tea Tree Oil, I decided to give an all natural deodorant a try. I heard about MegaBabe products, and bought a few of their products to give them a try. I had little confidence of  an“all natural” product working for me, but I’m happy to say it works! I use Megababe’s “Sunny Pits” daily but for a hot sweaty tailgate, I will use the Dry Idea Deodorant because it’s a little bit stronger in my opinion.

Deodorant – I use the “Sunny Pits” for every day use.

Boob Sweat – Use the Bust Dust. If you are wearing sticky boobs, put some bust dust on and that sticky bra is staying on!

Back and Body Sweat – Body Dust works wonders too… I put some on my lower back and never have sweated through my shirt!


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